Sunday, August 28, 2011

08/28/2011 Brazil, "Theological Duel" between WYD and the Council and Liberation Theology

From the Pope's twitter feed.

"Meanwhile, a year before World Youth Day, the "theological opponents" of Joseph Ratzinger (who as prefect of the former Holy Office had brought to heel the theologians of liberation theology, unbalanced in their emphasis on Marxism) have come back into fashion through a world congress dedicated to the Catholic Third World Left. Promoting it in the south of Brazil are the Jesuits of the "Humanitas UNISINOS," the institution of Unisos University, which specializes in different areas of study: anthropology, law, theology, social and political sciences, philosophy and music."

Where is Obama's Reverend now?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The reason the housing market tanked - let's rent from the GOVERNMENT!

Now we see the REAL reason why Obama tanked the market. Let's take away a pillar of the American Dream - home ownership.

And if I rent from the government - will they have the power to boot me out at will? What would be the recourse if there is an argument between landlord and tenant? Where does the power end?

And will he rent to people, only to tear it down to make way for his stupid choo-choo train?