Sunday, January 29, 2006

Islam's Nancy Boys

And I don't meant some bizarre, alternate reality universe of Nancy Drew Meets the Hardy Boys.
Islam holds sway over a large part of the world where brutality has been the way of life for millennia. In Islamic tribal cultures, women are a scarce commodity, hoarded by rich and powerful men, leaving unattached men in the same situation as men in prison.

And the outcome is the same: the young and the weak become the “nancy boys” of the older and more powerful men. A culture of pederasty develops, consisting of dominant men and their catamites. Raised on a regimen of brutality, the young boys grow up to inflict it on the next generation.

Talk about a “cycle of violence.
This is what you get when you mistreat your women. I do not want to live in that culture or have it enforced on me. I do not know what in this article made me recall this post from barking-moonbat:
The Connecticut factory that produced the Winchester rifle, celebrated in cowboy movies as the gun frontiersmen used to settle the American West, is shutting down after 140 years in New Haven.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Buy Girl Scout Cookies!!

The national Girl Scout organization, Girl Scouts of the USA, approves and licenses the bakers of Girl Scout Cookies. At the bakeries, the cookies are produced by American labor union members from American-grown agricultural products and wrapped in American-made packaging materials.

In case you didn't know. It is Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Priest May Be Tried for Saying Jesus Existed

Cascioli filed a criminal complaint in 2002 after Righi wrote in a parish bulletin that Jesus did indeed exist, and that he was born of a couple named Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem and lived in Nazareth.

Cascioli claims that Righi's assertion constituted two crimes under Italian law: so-called "abuse of popular belief," in which someone fraudulently deceives people; and "impersonation," in which someone gains by attributing a false name to a person.

"The point is not to establish whether Jesus existed or not, but if there is a question of possible fraud," Cascioli's attorney, Mauro Fonzo, told reporters before the hearing.

Cascioli says the church has been gaining financially by "impersonating" as Christ someone by the name of John of Gamala, the son of Judas from Gamala.

He has said he has little hope of the case succeeding in overwhelmingly Roman Catholic Italy, but that he is merely going through the necessary legal steps to reach the European Court of Human Rights, where he intends to accuse the church of what he calls "religious racism."

Is this guy kidding? I guess he is the Italian version of Michael Newdow. I don't even know where to begin with this. What would motivate some one to do this? And why not do this to Mohammed, a more deserving person to put under the heat of a spotlight, and put him on trial?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Carter's Seal of Approval

From Little Green Footballs.

Of course he said:
Former President Carter said Thursday the Palestinian elections were "completely honest, completely fair, completely safe and without violence."
Then there is this
The two camps threw stones at each other, breaking windows in the building, as Fatah supporters briefly tried to lower the green Hamas banners
And The Belmont Club has this to say:
Hamas may have won the Palestinian elections, which may in turn make Benjamin Netanyahu the next Prime Minister of Israel.
We will have to wait and see.

Word of the Day - bon mot

bon mot (bon mo) noun, plural bons mots

A witty remark.
"I like to serve bon mots at mySuper Bowl parties."

"If it weren't for all these stinkin' flying bon mots, this would be a nice picnic."

"Three cheers and a bon mot for me, I have succeeded!"

".....and it's Bon Mot three lengths ahead, and it's Bon Mot!! A triple crown winner!!"

"To bon mot or not to bon mot, that is the question."

Couric Hands Howie the Crazy Uncle Treatment; Dean Does it for the Children

Couric then hit Dean with Hillary's grim poll numbers: "A new CNN/Gallup/USA Today poll shows 51% of registered voters say they would definitely not vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton for president if she runs in 2008. She's the front-runner among Democrats. Is that bad news in your view?"

Dean mouthed the words but couldn't keep a straight face when in response he actually claimed: "I'm sure she's not thinking of the presidency right now." Right.

I enjoyed this piece from Take a read! Howard might just be sounding the death knell of the Dems.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The "Walk for Life" March and Counter-Demonstration

Zombie has yet another brilliant photo essay available. The pictures speak for themselves. There are a couple of videos included as well, so do check them out.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

GM Futurliners

There is nothing more lovely that an RV with CLASS. Wow. Check out the video. A restored "Parade of Progess" futurliner is on the Barrett-Jackson carshow.


Thank you Barrett Jackson for showing this absolutely wonderful mode of transportation. If not, I never would have heard of this. Wow.

As for Osama, has a message right back at ya!

Yeah, baby - watch for the fully-armed Apache comin’ at ya, the Harrier, the paratroopers, and the Stealth bomb drops. The nukes ain’t so bad either.

By Grouchy Media. (NSFW - profanity) Turn it up loud and rock it!


Jimmy Carter Has High Hopes for Hamas

Citing his own negotiations with Palestinian Liberation Organization chief Yassir Arafat, however, Carter said sometimes you have to learn to work with terrorists.

Is he kidding? WE have to learn to work with THEM? I don't think so.

Jimmy Carter
And, I learned from a devastating critique by my National Review colleague Jay Nordlinger, Carter even volunteered to be Arafat's speechwriter and go-fer, crafting palatable messages for Arafat's Western audiences and convincing the Saudis to continue funding Arafat after the Palestinians sided with Iraq against the United States.

Why is it people like him seem to last forever, and people like Ariel Sharon become gravely ill?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Clooney: I ruined Kerry's presidential race

All I can say is:


giggle, snort, tee hee!

What an EGO! Gee, do you think maybe, just maybe, Kerry lost it all on his own for being maybe, well, a buffoon, and that the electorate actually PREFERRED George Bush?

Ya think?

Floriida Terrorists (??) and why I hate our media

Taking my usual morning blog-stroll, I found this item on Ranting Right Wing Howler. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

Farris Hassan: Immersion Journalism or Immersed in Jihad?

Even the most basic research found that Farris Hassan was NOT enrolled in any journalism class at Pine Crest, which should automatically cast doubt on the true nature of his journey.

Perhaps most importantly, research and investigation into Dr. Redha Hassan found that he was arrested by the FBI in 1985 for forging 2000 Iraqi passports and military I.D. cards and seeking to forge 2,000 more.

Farris spent ten days in Beirut, and while there, met with a media relations officer of the terrorist group Hezbollah at their Central Press Office. This meeting was arranged through the assistance of his hosts – the family’s friends.

This is absolutely disgusting.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Harry Belafonte Speaks at Duke

Linked to from Drudge.

Oh good gravy. Need I say more? Here are some quotes. It feels like he is trying to backpedal off his earlier comments.

What is the essential difference in quality of our humanity for those who would do the cruel and tragic deed of flying an airplane into a building and killing 3,000 innocent Americans and those who would lie and lead the nation into a war that has killed hundreds of thousands? [emphasis mine]

Belafonte said: King was called "a Communist, a rabble-rouser, a discontent" but "he stayed the course," Belafonte said. Nelson Mandela also was labeled "a terrorist and a Communist and a man who was a danger to democracy," he said.

So now what? Is Bush a GOOD guy for being a terrorist (like Mandela or King) or a BAD guy for being a terrorist (like Zawahiri or Bin Laden)?

Word of the Day - Requite

requite (ri-KWYT) verb tr.

To repay, return for, avenge, or retaliate.

[From Middle English requiten, from re- + quiten (to pay), a variant of quit.]

Well, I'll be switched. I am stumped. Moving on!

Try the Visual Thesaurus.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Word of the Day - Vincible

vincible (VIN-suh-buhl) adjective

Defeatable; capable of being overcome.

This is too easy after the previous post. BUT anyway, let's have fun.

"Try the vincible. Caught fresh today."

"To vincible or not to vincible. That is the question."

"Vincibles never quit, and quitters never vince."

"Vincible Barbarino. Nice to meecha."

"Give me vince, or give me....john, paul, george, or ringo, I don't care... I need a MAN!"

" 'The Vincible' a new play by Slyvia Plath. "

" The Vincibles' - a family of cartoon wussies, constantly beaten by their archnemesis, 'The Bullies' "

Daily Show Exposes Asinine Comments Made By Democrats

I dont't usually agree with Jon Stewart (although I think he is funny) but this was too much. I think his comment
“Why is God so coy? Why doesn’t he send us a list of things to do or not to do? Let's see, maybe……ten of them!”
is going to be my new tag line!

Check it out! Very funny. Enjoy!

From The Political Teen

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Well, what ever happened to me?

I go to visit my folks and Hurricane Wilma hits my home. While visiting the folks, they had a winter storm that knocked out their power too. (It never rains but it pours.)

So, I come back home, after it was safe to a mess. The roads, power, oh gosh what a mess. The truth be told, Floridians know how to handle hurricanes. Eight named storms in fifteen months. Although no one in South Florida could see tv (unless, like us, they had a battery operated one) I could in NY and I was able to watch Jeb Bush address the Wilma situation. He was very tired. A reporter asked him something (I didn't catch what it was) and you could almost feel the tempation that the governor had to say, in as icy a tone as he could muster "Are you stuck on stupid?!?" but he resisted the urge. Instead, he said "I have 6 million people without power. What do YOU think?". Good for him.

It is now January 2006 and the clean up continues. I am grateful for the following things:
  • All family and friends are alive and well
  • No boil water order
  • Power was restored relatively quickly (all things considered)
  • Minor damage
  • Normalcy returned relatively quickly (all things considered)
  • The land line never failed, so I could talk to my family the entire time, even through the storm
  • Wilma did not stall over S. Fl - she was powerful and passed quickly. If Wilma stalled, the damage might have been incredibly severe.
After any hurricane, the germs are stirred up. Katrina left the "Katrina Cough" but I swear, I had the "Wilma Wheeze". It took weeks to get over it. Perhaps it was the drain of recovery, no energy, wheezing, coughing, hacking, sneezing, couldn't sleep, awful miserable achy, overall weakness. It seemed like everyone had it.

I sent home from NY two huge boxes of batteries, since I knew they would be hard to come by. One hour after receiving them, the power was restored to my house. Go figure.

The longer you live in Florida, the more battery operated back up equipment you have.