Friday, October 14, 2005

Life-and-death flu

From Charles Krauthammer:
While official Washington has been poring over Harriet Miers' long-ago doings on the Dallas City Council and parsing the Byzantine comings and goings of the Fitzgerald grand jury, relatively unnoticed was perhaps the most momentous event of our lifetime -- what is left of it, as I shall explain. It was announced last week that American scientists have just created a living, killing copy of the 1918 ``Spanish'' flu.

This is big. Very big.

Not only has the virus been physically re-created. But its entire genome has now been published for the whole world, good people and very bad, to see.

Today didn't start well for me. Upsetting news on the home front, granddaughter not doing well in school, daughter quit her job, and then I read this.

Time to start living in the words like a hermit!

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