Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Word of the Day - Vincible

vincible (VIN-suh-buhl) adjective

Defeatable; capable of being overcome.

This is too easy after the previous post. BUT anyway, let's have fun.

"Try the vincible. Caught fresh today."

"To vincible or not to vincible. That is the question."

"Vincibles never quit, and quitters never vince."

"Vincible Barbarino. Nice to meecha."

"Give me vince, or give me....john, paul, george, or ringo, I don't care... I need a MAN!"

" 'The Vincible' a new play by Slyvia Plath. "

" The Vincibles' - a family of cartoon wussies, constantly beaten by their archnemesis, 'The Bullies' "

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