Monday, July 17, 2006

Hil's keys to the Oval Office

From Drudge:
For all those Republicans and a few Democrats who think Hillary Clinton can't possibly be elected President, I have two words for you: Ronald Reagan.

I remember it well. He was too old. He was too conservative. He was too scary. And he was elected in two landslides. The exact same kinds of assumptions about electability 25 years ago are alive and well in 2006, and they are just as wrong for Hillary Clinton today as they were for Reagan in 1979.

She's too divisive. Too calculating. Too marred by the Clinton years. Oh, - and she's a woman.

Never mind the chatter. Hillary Clinton sits atop many polls for President with good reason and, if she plays her cards right, she could remain there right through November 2008.


And exactly how does he reach this conclusion? What is his advice?
First, she must be herself...... Clinton must win the primary first - then worry about the general election. If Democrats really cared about religion, they'd be Republicans. [emphasis mine]

Godless, anyone? It is nice to hear that someone can admit that there are NO people of faith in the Democratic party.

Second, Clinton must give us answers....
She has done a bang up job so far. What answers? Health care? The war? Child care? Welfare? If she hasn't been clear up to now, what makes this guy think that the next few months will be any different?
Third, Clinton, who can be charming and funny in private, should be more candid and unpredictable...
Unpredictable? Yup, that is what I want in a world leader. Unpredicatibility.
Fourth, Clinton needs to remember to speak from her heart, not her head. ... Successful Democrats - like Bill Clinton - feel.
Heart? What heart? Feel? FEEL? That is all well and good, but I don't think we need someone as Commander-in-Chief "feeling" his way through a war.
Hillary Clinton has genuine star power. She clearly delivers the brains and the intensity,....
Yes friends, we are in Oz. All Hillary needs to win the White House is a heart, brains, and courage.
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