Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Camilla and Marion Strong

OK, I had to do this. I have been thinking about this since she sunk her claws into a royal member.

Now for the Lucy angle.
Lucy tells the truth plot summary
Lucy is caught in a white lie and Ricky and the Mertzes have had just about enough of her fibbing. People only believe you when you lie, Lucy asserts, but don't believe you when you tell the truth. Putting Lucy's theory to the test, Ricky and the Mertzes bet Lucy that she can't go one day without lying. Lucy picks up the gauntlet, even though the next day she and Ethel have their weekly bridge game with Carolyn Applebee and Marion Strong. Lucy tells Carolyn what she thinks of her new Chinese modern furniture (a nightmare you'd have after eating too much Chinese food) and clobbers Marion for her giddiness [and her HAT! editor] and Ethel for blabbing incessantly. Fred is a tightwad and Ricky is a ham. The real test comes when Lucy auditions for a television show -- can she get the part without lying or will she lie to get the part, at the 23rd hour?
Ok, here is the hat that Lucy says is the "silliest looking hat" she ever saw, and it is "horrible".

And now for Camilla's BIGGER version:

I report. You decide.

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