Monday, August 20, 2007

A new book is causing a storm of controversy by labelling children as annoying and pointless

I found the hardest thing to give up when I had my children was my personal freedom.


Get over these early hurdles and you hit the big one: how to keep your child amused and happy.

This will fast become one of your most hated jobs. The moment you give birth you can forget leisurely lie-ins, last-minute trips or a spontaneous roll in the hay with your partner.

Not husband, or man. PARTNER.

Moonbattery at its zenith.

Yes this woman probably never should have had children. She has no business speaking for anyone else.

I cannot have children. The doctors could do nothing for me. I would have traded with this woman anytime. I have been denied life's greatest treasure and she treats it like trash. She should be kept far, far away from children.

It never occurred to this broad if she had been a better person or mother, maybe her life would not have been so miserable. And she is clearly miserable. Not a happy relationship (partner my behind), and her kids live their life and she lives hers, she says.

Watching my foster daughter's kids grow up is one of the pleasures of my life. They enrich me and my life. It is a chore, the author claims, to help your kids do their homework? Why? She says she and her "partner" were looking forward to an art opening and had to take the kids along. And that was a bad thing to her. Why? So what if they grumble? They will remember it fondly I am sure, as an outing with their parents.

There is nothing wrong feeling this way. What is wrong is lecturing the rest of us, with her failures and misery, that she is right on this topic.

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