Monday, May 31, 2010


Traditionally, our Scout pack provides water to the attendees at the Memorial Day Service in our local town. This year was no different. Some of my den participated.

The wreaths were escorted into the park by 84 bikes and bikers, all with flags adorning them. The mayor spoke; his step-son is going to be deployed to Afghanistan soon. His speech was poignant. The keynote speaker was this gentleman. He is a colonel (whose name I missed), and is highly decorated. He is a veteran from WW II, and served with both PATTON and EISENHOWER in intelligence.

I was blown away. His speech was wonderful. After the service, I took the boys to have their picture taken with him. They were thrilled to meet a "general" (they thought) and I missed the shot where he shook all their hands. He was humbled to be asked to have his picture taken with the boys. A good day all around.

It truly was a wonderful service, and I couldn't be more proud of my boys.

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