Friday, July 22, 2005

Long Time, No Posty!

From Ranting Right Wing Howler comes a link to If World War II Was an RTS.

Very funny! Puts the new world in a whole new perspective.

Well, I gave up my coffee maker (but not my coffee). I am making coffee the "cowboy way" and it is much better than a drip coffee maker. I have a cowboy coffee pot on my stove and prepare it in the cowboy manner. Although I have read you mix the eggs, shells and all, first and THEN dump. No bitterness at all this way.

Now I have more room on my counter!

It has been a busy, busy, month. I want, for once, to ENJOY a summer. I must make a better effort with my time. I should have brought Herry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to the beach to read, but I have finished it already the day I got it. I am now anxious for the next installment.

Alas, it is looking like work, and more work for the remainder of the summer. I should take heart. I have time off at Christmas and isn't that better after all?

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