Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jumbled Stuff

I was reading the Ranting Ring Wing Howler as I am wont to do on a daily basis. The miscellaneous links are usually worth a look-see, they range from wierd news to unique scientific discoverys, like the one I just linked to, with an smidgeon of acerbic wit from Howler. The thrust of this particular article was deciphering how the Incans kept mathematical calculations with knots. Interesting. But was more interesting in the article to me was this speculation, among the others:

Urton speculates that these sums might record tax payments. Incans paid their taxes by working a certain number of days per year on state projects. The knotted strings could represent such days, and the sums could represent totals for all work in a certain area, Urton says.

I find that interesting that rather than pay tax, you work on some state projects. Hmm, given the choice, I might rather do that. People take pride in their handiwork, would all of us be more considerate of our public places if we contributed to them personally? I guess if it were a matter of choice, pay or work, it would depend on the work. I wouldn't mind working on a community project of beautification or some such and keep more of the money I earn, but then I wouldn't be earning any money if I were off on a project! I found it interesting, and could a version of this work in a capitalistic society?

In any event, the knots were cool.

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Rancher said...

If people knew how much tax they were paying, including taxes added to products, such as gas, and how much prices are increased because of business taxes, they would freak. Hell, if instead of taxes being deducted they had to write a check every April 15th they’d freak.