Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Message From Zombie

The Islamists and the communists have one thing in common: their dream of overthrowing the "West," which is shorthand for liberal democratic capitalism. So they have joined together as a team to acheive their goal.

But the communists learned a lesson between 1945 and 1991: you can't do it militarily. The Soviet Union learned that the hard way, and now no longer exists. So the communists have adapted an alternate strategy, adapting the Gramscian model for the conflict: silently and stealthily infiltrate the media, academia and local goverments without openly declaring your intentions; and once in these positions of authority, use your influence to progressively indoctrinate the Western populace to see the world through a Marxist lens. Eventually, so the theory goes, communism can take control of Western society without a shot being fired, and without anyone even knowing it was happening until it was too late. And this is exactly what they have been doing, as LGF readers know too well from our analysis of the media and the education system.

But the Islamists never got the memo. Though their communist compadres in the West insist on the need to operate in "stealth mode," the Islamists still think like medieval warriors: their goal is to conquer by fear and violence. In fact, their technique is the exact opposite of "stealth mode." They declare from the mountaintops, with every tool at their disposal and as often as they can, that they want to destroy us and everything we believe in. They do this partly out of bragadoccio, but also as an ideological stratagem, to terrify their enemies, to make them bow down in fear and submit.

But this behavior is at cross-purposes with the plan of the Marxists who control our media and academia. So every time a Muslim issues a triumphant cry of violence, the media rushes over to cover it up, and the academics twist his words to mean something else. Then (and this is the almost comical part) the Islamists get confused and frustrated that their message of terror and violence either didn't get widely disseminated, or didn't have the intended effect, or both. So they blame the West, yet they don't understand that it is not their enemies that are trying to suppress their message, but rather their allies, the Marxists who control the public discourse.

A huge proportion of what we see going on these days is this struggle playing itself out on the world stage. Islamists try to instill terror in the West, either through acts of terrorism, or through declarations of their intent to conquer us, and the Western media does everything it can to cover it up. So the Muslims try harder. And the media's lies get more outrageous. We've now reached the point where we are today; Islamic terrorists committing the most heinous acts, and making the most outrageous statements, which causes the media to spin an ever-expanding Web of ludicrous lies and distortions.

Yet it seems that only a handful of anti-idiotarians (like Charles [of www.littlegreenfootballs.com - ed.], you and I) are aware of this. Our goal should be to bring our level of awareness to everyone in the West.

This message has been brought to you by the fertile mind of zombie, who has encouraged us to broadcast it in full. I am happily complying.

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