Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Clinton Group Bids for Newspaper Chain

Yucaipa Companies, whose board of directors counts ex-president Bill Clinton as its most prominent member, had made a bid to take over part of the Knight Ridder newspaper chain, which includes the Philadelphia Inquirer and the San Jose Mercury News.

The New York Sun reports that Yucaipa has joined with the Newspaper Guild in a buyout plan that would include 12 newspapers - with an eye towards gradually transferring ownership to the news outlets' employees.

Clinton spokesman Jay Carson denied his boss had anything to do with the deal.

Yeah, right. No knowledge. And the press is not liberally biased. It is good to know these things. The more time passes, the more I hold this man in such disdain.

Censure Bill Clinton

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said on Tuesday that Britain’s economy, environmental policy and attempts at modernization were envied in the United States, where comparable policies under President George W. Bush were lacking.

Speaking to a packed audience at London’s Guildhall, Clinton specifically responded to criticisms that British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Labour party were “long in the tooth,” or past their prime.

“If you live where I live and you look across the Atlantic, it does not look that way,” he said.

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