Monday, June 19, 2006

Hillary on GOP: 'They Can't Stomach Me'

Well, I can't argue with that.
"The Republicans can't stomach the fact that I'm leading the fight against their misplaced priorities," Clinton writes. [emphasis mine]

"If re-elected, Senator Clinton won't be in the Senate or in Syracuse, she will be gallivanting through the cornfields of Iowa or fundraising in Hollywood with Barbara Streisand, Warren Beatty and Sean Penn," said Spencer's campaign manager, Kevin Collins. "She's already a carpetbagger, now she's an absentee landlord too."

"Mrs. Clinton is an ambitious woman, and I have no problem with that," McFarland told the Associated Press on Wednesday. "But it has become increasingly obvious that her focus is on national politics, not New York. That's unfortunate, because 20 million New Yorkers deserve a senator who is committed full-time to their interests and to their interests alone."
From Hillary: Not a centrist
In the last five years, the American Conservative Union has reported that on its key Senate votes, her annual record was 12 percent conservative, 10 percent, 10 percent, zero percent in 2004, and then 12 percent again last year. Her career average is a score of 9 percent. How in the world does that number suggest an "unclear platform," something impossible to categorize?

Now take the liberal counterpart. Americans for Democratic Action found her to be 95 percent liberal on its key votes in her first four years, and she achieved liberal nirvana (100 percent) in 2005. Those "Senate hero" votes included voting against judicial nominee Janice Rogers Brown, voting to repeal Ronald Reagan's "Mexico City policy" preventing federal tax money from going to international abortion providers, and voting for Chuck Schumer's amendment that would forbid abortion protesters to declare bankruptcy to avoid fines or court judgments for their clinic protests.
Misplaced priorities? Like, um oh, I don't know, capitalism? Freedom of religion too maybe?
The reason that systems such as socialism and communism don't work in the real world and are ultimately destructive of the individual self; and of the human soul, is that they remove moral action and judgement from the individual and place it in the collective. The individual is not permitted to make his/her own moral judgements, and must obey the mandates of the collective. This can only work when the individual is stripped of all freedom to act independently and fears reprisals for doing so.

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