Monday, June 26, 2006

Mr. Keller Believes You Are Easily Confused

Hugh Hewitt provides an excellent fisking on Bill Keller's arrogant response in the NY Times on his decision to put himself in league with our enemies. Here is a sample or two of the article.

Forgive me, I know this is pretty elementary stuff รข€” but it's the kind of elementary context that sometimes gets lost in the heat of strong disagreements.

How condescending can a MSMer be? To pretend to be discussing "elementary stuff" while avoiding the issue is as arrogant as can be imagined.

I can appreciate that other conscientious people could have gone through the process I've outlined above and come to a different conclusion. But nobody should think that we made this decision casually, with any animus toward the current Administration, or without fully weighing the issues.

I don't believe him, and there is no reason to believe him. The paper has been waging a war on the war and on the Adminsitration for years, so it has no credibility when it comes to arguing its good intentions.

What matters though is the statement that "other conscientious people" could have reached a different decision.

In fact, they did. The Congresses and the presidents of the past have passsed laws about what is classified and who can release it. They didn't include the editor of the New York Times in the group that can make national security decisions. Mr. Keller decided he would risk the national security of the United States and the lives of its citizens. He has done so before and will no doubt do so again.

Amen, Mr Hewitt

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