Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My thoughts on the events of Novemeber 7 you ask?

Well, I will tell you.

My mom has said that Republicans shoot themselves in the foot, and we all know Mother is always right.

How does this bode for us? For me,(bearing in mind that I have moonbats in my belfry, meaning my house is full of them, I am the lone conservative voice) there will be a lot of gloating.

Having read many analyses so far this morning, here is my take:
1. Dems will overplay their hand and over-estimate this slight take over as a win for themselves, rather than a loss for the Reps.
2. Conservative initiatives, for the most part (gay marriage etc) won well.
4. Conservative leadership? See ya'!
5. Welcome to the new Mommy State!

As a corollary to the new mommy state, we now have TWO moms - Nancy and Hillary. The sandbox is not big enough for both of them, so let's wait and see when the catfights begin. Hillary does not play well with others.

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