Saturday, November 18, 2006

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson is not only being paid to speak publicly but is also publishing a book on the murders of his ex-wife(the mother of his children) and Ron Goldman!!! How sick and demented can he be? To profit from the death of the mother of your children???
Have we as a society become so complacent that we accept whatever is thown at us? I for one would burn in hell before I supported such an act. Oh, I wonder why his daughter Sidney, has problems? Think about it. Aw gee it wasn't because she was born with money, it wasn't society, it was because she is affected by her father and his lack of reasoning, lack of remorse and lack of morality and human decency. How we let him get away with it and profit from this is beyond me....

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whiteknuckles said...

Thank God Almighty above!
The people have been heard and that horrible man won't have his TV
show after all and I hope the publisher decides that he won't make the money from such a horrible horrible person.