Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This is an Apology??? Akon’s “Sorry” Song to Gwen Stefani

I was one of the people that contacted Verizon and you know, they called back to apologize. The lady I spoke with hadn't seen that disgusting video and didn't want to. She probably had an earful from other customers. She was very pleasant (as was I, I did NOT expect a call, I just sent an email) and they cared a lot about their business and their customers. We chatted briefly, and she might have been rolling her eyes, but she didn't SOUND that way. I think Verizon responded appropriately to their customers. And I will remain a customer now, since they responded so well. The quote:

Why doesn’t anybody wanna take blame

Verizon backed out, disgracing my name
Only you disgraced yourself, Akon. Go away with your three wives.

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