Sunday, June 03, 2007

Obama Wants 'People of Faith'

Sen. Barack Obama has launched a religious outreach web site, the first one among all the Democratic presidential candidates.
Oh my! And then:
According to the Washington Post, former Sen. John Edwards has a "moral leadership" web site, and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will soon have a faith-oriented online presence soon.
I cannot think of two more non-religious people in the country. Obama has established himself as a black supremecist so what is this now from him? I call taqiyya. As for her? Religion? BWHAHAHAHAHA giggle, snort, tee hee. Since when? To be so blatantly obvious just seems so phony. The President, for all his missteps and faults, does not seem phony about his faith. Not one whit. These two couldn't find a true church if Jesus were leading the way Himself.

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