Sunday, September 02, 2007

Great minds think alike!

Dennis Prager
Only strong moral religion can defeat strong immoral religion. To his credit, when I challenged the aforementioned Sam Harris by noting that religious Jews and Christians are far more likely to confront Islamists than secularists are, he agreed that this is indeed the case. But with Islamic religious violence increasing, Western secularism increasing, and liberal religion merely echoing secular values and its non-confrontationalism, there will be fewer and fewer people capable of confronting religious evil. And with the ascendance of religious evil, the case for atheism will seem even more compelling.

Dan Abrams
The August 27th broadcast of MSNBC's Live with Dan Abrams slammed CNN's "God's Warriors" as biased shoddy journalism, with host Dan Abrams saying at the outset that the three-part series "was not what it claimed or promised to be." In the segment, titled "CNN's Holy war?", Abrams also said "CNN should have called it what it was, a defense of Islamic fundamentalism and the worst type of moral relativism."

According to Abrams, CNN's Christiane Amanpour, "avoided getting bogged down in objectivity." (See the full video clip below.)

They both nail it great. Abrams has on some Muslima who keeps trying the smoke and mirrors bit, deflect the conversation to the Jews, but Abrams would have none of it. And Dennis Prager is correct in his analysis as well.

Well, I am going out to buy some more ammo now!

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