Sunday, February 12, 2006

CNN gets a comeuppance

Glenn Reynolds of gives CNN an well deserved tongue lashing in this video. The audience really is clueless in this segment. Had I been there, I would have asked about why is it that Ward Churchill can command amazing speaking fees for spreading his foul brand of "free speech" that insults most Americans, and Piss Christ gets wide showings on the news, but these insipid cartoons are not shown at all on the news outlets? Quite the opposite. CNN has a DISCLAIMER why they will not show these cartoons.

Glenn Reynolds links to Artistic Courage Redefined for a nice analysis.

There is no risk in mocking any establishments of American or Western culture- no harm will ensue. ... Every artist alive today now knows the limits: you can do this, which is as brave as taunting a stuffed teddy bear...

Read it all.

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