Sunday, February 12, 2006

Notre Dame Expert: Cartoon Jihad Has Nothing to Do with Islam

From Little Green Footballs:
The University of Notre Dame is currently allied with the ACLU, suing the US government to allow Islamist kingpin Tariq Ramadan to enter the country and teach at the University.
And also from Little Green Footballs: About Tariq Ramadan
the careful study of Caroline Fourest, ”Frere Tariq,“ which is the main book on offer even in provincial towns in Brittany, according to an informant, and which sets out all sorts of Ramadan’s prevarications, omissions, and outright lies — one by one by one. It is a book from which, like the encounter with Sarkozy, Ramadan will not recover, and has no reply. He will simply hope the book is not translated into English, and that the clear-headed at Notre Dame — that leaves out Scott Appleby in particular, who "knows" all about Tariq Ramadan, and does not wish to be confused with fact after fact after dismal fact — never read it.

And along these same lines, Atlas Shrugs blog is ONE YEAR OLD!! Happy Birthday! I am mentioning it here as she has quite a round up of links to colleges and universities who have recieved huge donations from the Sauds. Go to her site, and scroll down a bit for them all.

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