Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A bit more about the veil.........

From This is London online:

Female students at a new Islamic school will be made to wear head scarves regardless of their religion, it was revealed yesterday.

From Dr Sanity's article "A Religion Of Narcissistic Entitlement And Borderline Behavior", she quotes Ann Applebaum in the Washington Post a much simpler level, surely it is also true that the full-faced veil -- the niqab, burqa or chador -- causes such deep reactions in the West not so much because of its political or religious symbolism but because it is extremely impolite. Just as it is considered rude to enter a Balinese temple wearing shorts, so, too, is it considered rude, in a Western country, to hide one's face. We wear masks when we want to frighten, when we are in mourning or when we want to conceal our identities. To a Western child -- or even an adult -- a woman clad from head to toe in black looks like a ghost. Thieves and actors hide their faces in the West; honest people look you straight in the eye.

Truer words were never spoken. Dr Sanity continues with her own analysis:
Let's face it. These Islamic narcissists don't want to be tolerated by the society they live in and free to practice their religion even in the most multiculturally sensitive nations; they want the society or nation they live in to completely submit to their values and religious practices and to acknowledge their obvious superiority--or else.

My take? Dr Sanity verbalizes what I could not. The veil and these other "accoutrements" are indeed symbols of superiority and, in my opinino, do not lead to piety. Yvonne Ridley says as much. Although I do not see the link for the report on Hannity and Colmes from the woman who was suspended from British Airways for wearing a one inch cross over her cravat on her uniform because it is against the uniform policy, whereas Muslims can wear their masks headgear, and so can the Hindus. Only Christians and Jews are targeted in this manner, to remove their religious symbols. (When I find the link to H& C, I will provide it.)

I do not like the sound of Amerabia, nor of dhimmitude, nor of jizya, nor of burkas.

America Alone indeed.

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