Monday, March 05, 2007

Marching on Selma

Best analysis on the recent Selma march I have read yet.
So what good can possibly come from having a bunch of rich, Northern politicians come to town and stir up old memories of racial hatred? None whatsoever. It only makes it worse. Racism is effectively dead in Alabama nowadays. Blacks serve in government from the city level all the way up to the state legislature. School segregation ended decades ago. Black businessmen and professionals are doing quite well. I know. More than a few of them are my friends.

No, this spectacle in Selma over the weekend was not about civil rights. It was about getting people to vote for idiot Senators who haven’t done a darned thing to help Selma economically. Even worse, they don’t plan to help the town any time soon. Witness the fact that while these bloviating egos were in Alabama, none of them took time to visit the recent tornado-ravaged region just southeast of Selma where people were still looking for bodies and digging out from destroyed homes and schools.

(Note: President Bush was in the tornado-ravaged region of south Alabama, offering assistance, declaring it a disaster area and trying to help the people get back on their feet.)

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