Monday, April 16, 2007

Hillary: We've Never Had a President Like Bush

Fisking Hillary is like shooting fish in a barrel.
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton says the United States has had an opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the Muslim world in the aftermath of 9/11, but the Bush administration has squandered precious time to do so.
Meaningful dialogue? With whom? Define "Muslim world" in your view. If you mean Iraq and Afghanistan, the President has a solid relationship with them. In fact, the President of Afghanistan has been here to speak. OHH, you mean the THUGS! Holocaust-denying-but-we-will-make-sure-we-finish-the-job dictators? A "President" who had opposition whacked? Which Muslim world? Dar al-Islam or Dar al-Harb?
Clinton, who called the administration's actions "regrettable," told the Sunday Citizen newspaper of Laconia, N.H., that "We need to get back to a much more vigorous diplomatic outreach effort. The president won't talk to countries that he doesn't agree with. We've never had a president who was so unwilling to engage in processes with people who, yes, are adversarial to our interests, but we have to figure out how to work with them, how to change them, and I certainly would begin to do that again."
Vince Foster was unavailable for comment.
She told the Citizen that "Patient diplomacy over years is sometimes the only way to bring about peaceful reconciliations. ... If you provide options for people to see the world in a broader way, you at least have a fighting chance to have your message heard."
Can you provide ONE instance where "patient diplomacy over years" worked? You had eight years in the White House. Name one time from your experience there. Or anytime in the past. Let's see, was not until the second war with Algiers, in 1815, that naval victories by Commodores William Bainbridge and Stephen Decatur led to treaties ending all tribute payments by the United States. European nations continued annual payments until the 1830s. However, international piracy in Atlantic and Mediterranean waters declined during this time under pressure from the Euro-American nations, who no longer viewed pirate states as mere annoyances during peacetime and potential allies during war.
It took years of war to stop the Muslims in Tripoli. And then only by force.
Clinton also said:
  • It's regrettable President Bush "hasn't even been willing to have an international conference" on Iraq.
Yeah, well when the REST of the world ponies up more dough and more effort, maybe then he will. And who is to say he hasn't? Does it HAVE to be public? I doubt it. And how, specifically do you mean? France? Iran? Russia? Isn't it the intent of the Administration that Iraq stands on its own, free and independent?
  • She wants voters to "look at my qualifications and experience."
We have. Conclusion? Your qualifications stink. As for your experience? Well, let's just say I prefer we do not have any more sticky fingers in the White House.
  • "One thing we've learned over the last six years is that we need a steady hand in the Oval Office. We need somebody who can chart a course for our country, that is as much as possible non-partisan, not just bipartisan, that wants to restore competence to the government, who wants to make it clear that I'm willing to work with people of different points of view — I'm not sticking to one particular version of reality, as we've seen unfortunately the last six years."
A steady hand? Isn't that what you complained about before, that Bush refused to change direction? Non-partisan? You think YOU fill that bill? BWHAHAHAHAHA! Sticking to YOUR version of reality? You mean like this?

Hillary's hijab

  • The United States needs to lead by example, including by helping key nations build schools and pay teachers.
Let's fix our own educational system first shall we, before we attempt to instruct others how to do it. You oppose vouchers, I do not.
  • Bush "has broken faith with so much of American history and governmental practices" by unraveling past efforts to help the environment, promote nuclear weapon nonproliferation and restore fiscal responsibility.
I prefer to think of it as REMOVING past liberal efforts at creating a Socialist state in the US. Fiscal responsibility? YOU want to TAKE things from people, and redistribute, all the while skimming some for your self maybe? Bush cuts taxes, you want to RAISE them.

2008 cannot come soon enough.

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