Wednesday, April 18, 2007

seung cho

Ok I have been reading up on this guy. Numerous articles state that had serious problems. Police involved, that he had a make believe girlfriend(that does seem strange for anyone over the age of 5) Had stalked classmates on the campus, and online, had also taken pictures of different women classmates from beneath his desk. The police were involved more than once. He had also been suicidal and had spent a night with counseling. Ok one night? Did you read the plays this guy wrote? His parents should not have sent him to college. He was a loner, ok I can see that but shunning any form of friendship or contact. His roommates even thought he was weird and could be dangerous or they wouldn't have called the cops. He wasn't just depressed, this is a whole different ball of wax. He needed help. Did anyone notice? How about his parents?I bet they do now.
I am all for the right to bear arms but how did this little psycho go into a gun shop and buy gun and ammo? No background check?
I can only imagine what this campus has gone through.


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